Watch Everything in 1080 HD with Apple TV (4th Generation)

The Apple TV, compared with the iPhone, iPad and iPhone, cannot be said to be the most famous Apple product. But that could very well change with the new Apple TV.

Despite all marketing efforts of its launch in 2007, Apple itself considered it “a hobby” shortly after the sale, launching a campaign to find out what it was that the customer really wanted. A few years later, the second generation of Apple TV was reoriented to the rental of video and added an important feature, Airplay, and mirror mode for Macs and OS devices.

Apple TV (4th Generation)



Features of the 3rd Generation

The third generation model included support for 1080 p after two years of the launch of its predecessor. These slight changes, really competitive prices and popularity of this product matched the Roku, Amazon or and Google Chrome cast.

Apple TV Analysis and Review of the Fourth Generation

But, once again Apple has deliberately left open an important feature, support for 4 K Ultra H D, for a future fifth generation. Although it is easy to recommend the purchase of this fourth generation, considering in particular the model is almost 200 dollars. We have also learned that there are three new channels, one free for fashionistas, M 2 M, CBS and NBC.

What is New with the Apple TV 4th Generation?

The new generation of Apple TV brings interesting news that perhaps many do not appreciate but are key in this new model. It has a new controller, new features and functions and some changes in the use of which I want to talk about below:

The command of the new fourth generation Apple TV is key. It has an internal battery that charges with a lightning cable that comes supplied in the original packaging. This knob has a soft touch on the back, made of aluminum and plastic on front. It has buttons to navigate through the menus.

Downloading Third Party Applications from the App Store

The great leap of Apple TV will be when it opens to the public the release of the final version of TWOS since the S D K (development kit applications and games) is allowing developers to start designing their creations.

We will soon see some of these in the App Store. This is perhaps another of the great innovations of Apple TV and has a greater difference from the previous model, and we can install third-party applications from the Apple app store.

sir i Voice Commands

Furthermore we find a button for Sir i, which allows the use of Apple’s voice assistant. Sir i works really well in the fourth generation of Apple TV but inexplicably have to keep the button pressed to work instead of making it a single click button.

It has a button to play or pause and two buttons to either raise or lower the volume. Another feature is the mini track pad that is located above these buttons and allows you to move through menus in a more comfortable way.

Using Your Phone With Apple TV

Regarding the use of the iPhone with the Apple TV you have to connect the iPhone via Bluetooth to take data from i Cloud, if you have an iPhone you can write your credentials on i Cloud. If you pick up the phone settings and have configured the WiFi and Apple account, it is perhaps the best method for configuring this device class.

What Is Airplay?

If we are talking about technology, Airplay is were we begin to find the limitations of the Apple TV. In our case, we have found a lag of 0.5 seconds which is quite annoying when you use the mirroring technology with a Mac. However if you do not use this option, but play videos or photos directly from your Mac or SOS device like an iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV it will work without problem.

What Models Are Available?

As you know there are two models of the fourth-generation Apple TV, on the one hand there is the 32 GB of internal storage ($200) and secondly 64 GB ($250). From our experience of using the Apple TV, the 32 GB model will suffice.

The internal memory as we read and test it, is dedicated to the OS itself and the apps installed from the Apple App Store. Photographs or videos can also be stored on Apple TV so you don’t have to worry about lag from your internet.



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