Watch Everything in 1080 HD with Apple TV (4th Generation)

The Apple TV, compared with the iPhone, iPad and iPhone, cannot be said to be the most famous Apple product. But that could very well change with the new Apple TV.

Despite all marketing efforts of its launch in 2007, Apple itself considered it “a hobby” shortly after the sale, launching a campaign to find out what it was that the customer really wanted. A few years later, the second generation of Apple TV was reoriented to the rental of video and added an important feature, Airplay, and mirror mode for Macs and OS devices.

Apple TV (4th Generation)



Features of the 3rd Generation

The third generation model included support for 1080 p after two years of the launch of its predecessor. These slight changes, really competitive prices and popularity of this product matched the Roku, Amazon or and Google Chrome cast.

Apple TV Analysis and Review of the Fourth Generation

But, once again Apple has deliberately left open an important feature, support for 4 K Ultra H D, for a future fifth generation. Although it is easy to recommend the purchase of this fourth generation, considering in particular the model is almost 200 dollars. We have also learned that there are three new channels, one free for fashionistas, M 2 M, CBS and NBC.

What is New with the Apple TV 4th Generation?

The new generation of Apple TV brings interesting news that perhaps many do not appreciate but are key in this new model. It has a new controller, new features and functions and some changes in the use of which I want to talk about below:

The command of the new fourth generation Apple TV is key. It has an internal battery that charges with a lightning cable that comes supplied in the original packaging. This knob has a soft touch on the back, made of aluminum and plastic on front. It has buttons to navigate through the menus.

Downloading Third Party Applications from the App Store

The great leap of Apple TV will be when it opens to the public the release of the final version of TWOS since the S D K (development kit applications and games) is allowing developers to start designing their creations.

We will soon see some of these in the App Store. This is perhaps another of the great innovations of Apple TV and has a greater difference from the previous model, and we can install third-party applications from the Apple app store.

sir i Voice Commands

Furthermore we find a button for Sir i, which allows the use of Apple’s voice assistant. Sir i works really well in the fourth generation of Apple TV but inexplicably have to keep the button pressed to work instead of making it a single click button.

It has a button to play or pause and two buttons to either raise or lower the volume. Another feature is the mini track pad that is located above these buttons and allows you to move through menus in a more comfortable way.

Using Your Phone With Apple TV

Regarding the use of the iPhone with the Apple TV you have to connect the iPhone via Bluetooth to take data from i Cloud, if you have an iPhone you can write your credentials on i Cloud. If you pick up the phone settings and have configured the WiFi and Apple account, it is perhaps the best method for configuring this device class.

What Is Airplay?

If we are talking about technology, Airplay is were we begin to find the limitations of the Apple TV. In our case, we have found a lag of 0.5 seconds which is quite annoying when you use the mirroring technology with a Mac. However if you do not use this option, but play videos or photos directly from your Mac or SOS device like an iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV it will work without problem.

What Models Are Available?

As you know there are two models of the fourth-generation Apple TV, on the one hand there is the 32 GB of internal storage ($200) and secondly 64 GB ($250). From our experience of using the Apple TV, the 32 GB model will suffice.

The internal memory as we read and test it, is dedicated to the OS itself and the apps installed from the Apple App Store. Photographs or videos can also be stored on Apple TV so you don’t have to worry about lag from your internet.



The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Compared to the Apple iPhone 6 Complete Comparison & Review

6 Complete Comparison & Review

The new iPhone is already on the market and now is the time to look around and compare the new smartphones. This time we want to compare the technical characteristics of the iPhone 6 s with the Samsung Galaxy S 6, one of the biggest rivals of Apple has.

Throughout the following paragraphs we will compare the most important technical specifications of both devices. Picking a winner is an almost impossible task for the vast differences in their operating system, so we will discuss all the features and summarize the devices so it can be a personal decision for each user.


iPhone 6 s Compared Galaxy S 6

Both the Galaxy S 6 as iPhone 6 s are very well designed. Both use quality materials and are aesthetically beautiful. The iPhone 6 s is identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 6, because it is a technical evolution of this device. The body is constructed from aluminum uni body of the 7000 series, a very durable material that prevents damage from drops.

As for the Galaxy S 6, the device is constructed of a mixture of aluminum and glass. The manufacturer was looking for this to capture the attention of consumers and they somehow got it. Choosing between the two is a very personal matter, as both are well designed and beautiful.

Screen Comparison

Certainly the screen is one of the most important sections of any smartphone today. It is the component we use to interact with the device and also to see all our content. Both devices have good screens, but the differences are quite remarkable. The iPhone 6 s mounts a 4.7-inch screen. It has a resolution of 1334 x 740 pixels and a density of 326 pixels per inch (dpi). It is also important to mention that the display incorporates 3 D Touch.

This is an innovation that Apple has incorporated for the first time in the terminal and can interact in a completely different way, based on different pressures on the screen technology. The Galaxy S 6, meanwhile, mounts a 5.1-inch screen. Quad H D has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a density of 577 dpi.

Performance Comparison

The Galaxy S 6 mounts an coat-core processor that consists of four core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A 53 cores and four 2.1 GHz Cortex-A 57. It is a beast of a processor and it is accompanied by 3 GB of RAM. The iPhone 6 s, meanwhile, integrates the new Apple A 9 motion co processor alongside the M 9. In the area of ​​RAM, the new iPhone has 2 GB of memory.

This section describes the hardware differences between the two devices, and they are very noticeable, although the final performance achieved by both is not so great. The reason being, is that the increased integration between hardware and software with the iPhone 6 s, is something that today very few manufacturers can get and that’s what makes Apple one step ahead.

Camera Comparison

This is one of the most important features of smartphones today, and both manufacturers have taken this into account. The iPhone 6 s is mounted with a camera that has a sensor of 12 megapixels, and video recording capabilities up to 4 K and slow motion. The Galaxy S 6, meanwhile, has a mounted 16 megapixel sensor and also offers ability to record 4 K video.

Battery Life Comparison

The Galaxy S 6 carries a 2550 meh battery, much higher than the iPhone 6 s 1715 meh capacity. However, this difference in capacity does not mean the terminal of Samsung has a greater battery life, since different factors come into play. The Android device has a larger screen and higher resolution, which means higher energy consumption.

To this we must also add the fact that the software is not sufficiently automated and a layer of customization from Samsung Touch Wiz is a real “drain” on the battery. The iPhone 6 s, meanwhile, has improved its energy consumption compared to previous generation and according to the manufacturer, the device has the same battery life as the previous generation despite a lower capacity from the battery.

How Long Does the Battery Last on Each of These Devices

According to Apple, the iPhone 6 s has a range of up to 14 hours on call, 10 days standby, 10 hours of LET browsing or up to 11 hours of use on WiFi. Samsung makes no official statement on the battery life of the Galaxy S 6.

Software Comparison

As mentioned earlier the operating system makes a big difference between these two devices. That is why at this point is almost impossible to draw conclusions on which one is better and everything is based on a personal decision of those interested in buying one or the other terminal.

The S 6 incorporates the Samsung Galaxy Android with Samsung’s rationalization layer and continues to receive updates to keep pace maker. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 s comes with OS 9 and receives updates over the years. Apple releases updates for all your devices at the same time, so we always have the latest version of the operating system.

Price Comparison

Another point in which we find differences is the price point. Apple maintains a pricing policy that does not change throughout the life of their devices. So, the iPhone 6 s will cost the same amount the day of its release as the day before being replaced by a new model. Thus, the new iPhone 6 s have the following prices

  • iPhone 16 GB 6 s: $800.
  • iPhone 64 GB 6 s: $900.
  • iPhone 6 s 128 GB $1050.

As for colors, Apple has four different options: silver, space gray, gold and rose gold.

Samsung Price Point

Samsung for its part does not follow the same policy with its devices and because of that, a few weeks after its release, you may begin to see price declines. At the moment the 32 GB model can be found for $600, while the 64 GB version is for about $650. As for colors it is available: white, black, gold and blue.

Google’s Newest Chrome cast Has a New Look and Catches Up to Modern WiFi Standards

Modern WiFi Standards

Google launched Chrome cast in July 2013 and up until July 2015 it sold 20 million units. For fans of this device, it was a long wait, finally on September 29, Google announced Chrome cast 2.0.

In this article we will show you all the features of the new multimedia receiver. Recall that the Chrome cast is a media streaming device that connects to the HDMI port on the TV, and any Android or Apple device, Tablet or iPad, or even a Windows or Mac laptop computer, can send content directly to your TV. It can give you many uses, but the most common use is to stream videos from YouTube, at the size you are used to enjoying TV.

Chrome cast

 2.0 Features

As for the features of Chrome cast 2.0, Google has upgraded the inside of the device to include support for modern standards of WiFi transmission (802 11 ac 5 GHz), increasing the speed and achieves an improved flow. Within each Chrome cast 2.0 there are three antennas that have been optimized for transmission. The first Chrome cast only had one antenna, so you can imagine how well equipped it is.

Other Features of the Chrome cast 2.0

Google has added a lot of new features to the Chrome cast 2.0, as the role of “Fast Play”, which basically is a smarter way of transmission that Google has devised. The new Chrome cast knows what you like and, if for example you’re watching an episode of The Walking Dead, it will automatically start the process of per-loading the next episode, while you’re still watching the last. And the best feature is being able to enjoy it in high resolution.

Chrome cast


Google has also updated the application for Chrome cast. This version is designed to make searching and exploring content options a little easier. If Google can do something well, it is searching, so we think it’s great they finally have decided to exploit this ability in an application for Android and Apple, to put all the necessary content at your fingertips.

Price Range for the Chrome cast 2.0

Chrome cast 2.0 is now available in 17 countries at a price of $35, although it can vary in the different countries. This is a very good price considering other streamers can cost a lot more and do not provide nearly as many features as the Chrome cast.

Chrome cast


Just as Google does with your TV through Chrome cast 2.0, with Chrome cast Audio, a new product from Google it works the same way as the Chrome cast: you connect it by plugging  it into the AUX port of your phone and the music you have on your phone or tablet will be heard in the “trumpet” and will amplify your sound.

Transfer Information with Your

Chrome cast

Despite the resounding success of Chrome cast 2.0, there are still those who say that this not a very useful device, as an HDMI cable can transfer information from your computer to your TV. Sure, the HDMI cable can connect your computer, but it cannot connect phones or tables to the TV.

Why Use Chrome cast 2.0?

There are many reasons to use the Chrome cast 2.0 but the most notable one is that it provides an easy way to stream content to your to, without any complicated wires or setup. Simply plug in the Chrome cast and start streaming.

What’s nice about it too is that there are no long wires as well, it looks almost like a USB stick, and works similarly, you just plug it into the HDMI port of your TV and that’s it. You don’t have to find a place to put a box or rewire everything, it is very simple and easy to install.

Is Chrome cast a Better Option Than Other Streamers?

It really depends on what it is that you will be using it for, if you will be streaming videos from your phone, tablet, or computer to the TV, then this is a good solution. If you are looking for a streamer that provides apps and channels and the like, then you may want to consider something along the lines of a Roku. The Chrome cast is a good, simple, solution for those looking to stream without any problems to their TV.


Discover a World of Options Using the Newest Second Generation Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon has stepped out of the shadows when it comes to media devices with their new Amazon Fire TV Streaming service. This device is one of the most efficient media streamers with tons of features right out of the box.

With the added advantage of games, Amazon Fire TV not only can stream media to your TV, but also allows you to play games on your TV. It is the easiest way to watch Netflix, HBO Go, and YouTube and play hundreds of games directly on your TV.

Why Consider This Over Other Media Streamers?

Amazon Fire TV offers features that easily exceed Chrome cast, Apple TV, or any other device for streaming media that is available. For transmission of rich media features that allow you to play games out of the box, Amazon Fire TV is a complete media device for streaming. Although the price is a little on the high end, it fully justifies the price tag.

Notable Features

Some of the features for this device is that it has hundreds of television series, movies, over 500 games, voice search and many popular online streaming services. The price originally was $99 but has since dropped and it is only available for you to buy on

Specs of the Fire TV Stick

The Fire Stick has its own ecosystem and aims to slaughter the king of search (Google), which is proven from what they are offering, the fire TV stick has: 8 GB of storage instead of 2 GB that Google has, and has twice the RAM (1 GB) and also supports standard superior WiFi to improve the quality of video transmission.

A device with twice the speed and memory should make Google a little nervous, they will really have to put everything they can into the next version of Google Chrome cast, a release that was suggested by the vice president of the Google product recently.

Dual Core Processor in the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon tops the device off with a dual-core processor and a remote control. This last element may be useful, for example, to move songs or photos. Some will not see the humor and will add more competition to the busy lounge collection of controls, so it will be used to handle the application for Android and Apple (the latter coming soon).

Amazon Promotes Fire TV Stick

As with all products of the company, the unit is designed to consume its product catalog easily, so buyers are given a month of unlimited content offered by Amazon Prime. But keep in mind that the Fire Stick will be launched first in the US, so other countries will have to wait a while to enjoy it, which is how it was with the Chrome cast as well. The key point in favor of the device is that it costs $39, slightly more than its competitor.

How Big Is the Box?

The Amazon Fire stick is actually not even a box, it is similar to a USB plugin and you simply plug it into the HDMI port in your television. It is easier this way because there are no long wires that can get tangled or things like that.

It is also beneficial for the fact that you don’t have to find a place to put the box if you have a complex set up or wiring system. It is as simple as plugging it in, and turning it on. That’s what can really make this a good product for those who don’t want to be bothered with a long complex set up.

Why Buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Having used this product personally, I can say that there are many reasons to purchase this product. The main one being, is really how simple it is to use, it provides the main streaming channels such as Netflix, Hutu plus and of course, Amazon Prime. It really makes having Amazon Prime much more enjoyable as well for those that have it.

The price for this product is very good for what it offers, compared to others. This product really is worth the money that you put into it, it is extremely easy to use, even those who are not very good with technology can easily pick this platform up and begin watching their favorite TV shows or movies.


Check Out the Newest Drones to Hit the Market Offering Mobile App Control and Extended Ranges

Control and Extended Ranges

Today it is possible to use a drone (remote control plane) camera to capture images and videos that are different than what most people are used to from normal filming.

How to choose the best drone? There are many models on the market, and each product has its own features, as each product is new to the market it has strengths and weaknesses. These should be analyzed by anyone interested in buying a drone, that’s why in this article today we will be discussing some of the best drones available and their features, as well as some things you should have in mind, when deciding which drone is best for you.

Remote Control

Your first concern should be the range of remote control and the drone. Shooting a sport climber, for example, in a 30-meter route, the operator must know that the drone will be able to reach the distance that is required. If communication between the remote control and the drone is interrupted, or the drone goes out of reach, the fall is inevitable.

Built In Cameras & Interchangeable Cameras

Some drones have built in cameras in the device, which provide greater stability and image adjustment, others allow the use of several types of cameras (like the Go Pro). An important factor is also the ability to maneuver the unit.

Filming using drones often requires a precise technical approach, stability and, in some cases, proximity, being able to do this takes practice which can take time. It is estimated that the “learning curve” is quite large and a lot of practice is needed to have good command of the drone.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Drone

To choose the best drone, you need to consider what feature suits your needs the most. Therefore, there is always a device that fits your skill with the remote control and your camera needs. Another point to take into consideration is the availability of spare parts in case of accident.

Best Drones on the Market

So we talked about the features of drones in general, and what to consider before buying a drone, we are now going to consider some of the best drones that are available on the market and their features, these drones provide many features so we will briefly be discussing the features of each one.

Parrot AR Drone quad copter 2.0

  • Price $ 300.00
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Has its own camera that shoots in 720 p / 30 fps
  • Battery life: 9 to 12 minutes

Lehman LA 100 Go Pro Drone

  • Price $ 1,382
  • Range: 80 to 100 meters
  • Accepts Go Pro Camera
  • Battery life: 5 minutes

Phantom / Ghost 2 DJ I

  • Price $ 700/920
  • Range: 270 m
  • Accepts Go Pro Camera
  • Battery life: 19 24 minutes

Dragonfly Walker QR X

  • Price $ 139
  • Range: 100 meters
  • Has its own camera that shoots in high quality
  • Battery life: 5 to 7 minutes


  • Price $ 200
  • Range: 90 meters
  • Has its own camera that shoots in high quality
  • Battery time: 60 minutes
  • This drone is actually an aquatic drone, so this is best used for shots under water.

H-king Dark wing

  • Price $ 167
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Has its own camera that shoots in high quality
  • Battery life: 5-10 minutes
  • Md 4-200 Micro / Md 4-1000 Drone
  • Price $ 107
  • Range: operated by GPS
  • Has its own camera that shoots in high quality
  • Battery life: 84 minutes

Ace Turbo X 830-D plane RTE

  • Price $ 1285.00
  • Range: 50 meters
  • Accepts Go Pro Camera
  • Battery life: 5-10 minutes

Why Buy a Drone?

So after looking at all the features of the different drones we can see that there are many different options that are available in the world of drones. So it is important to carefully consider what you need in a drone before making a purchase.

There are some drones as well such as the Phantom DPI 2 that even has live streaming to an app on your phone which allows you to see what it is you are filming on your phone while you are controlling it, so there are many options in the world of drones, you just have to choose the one that fits your needs the most.

Catch The Most Important Moments on HD Camera Using The Hero 4 Go Pro Session

4 Go Pro Session

Go Pro expands its catalog with a very compact video camera which seeks to expand its range of users: the new Go Pro Hero 4 Session is presented as the ideal companion to keep our best moments forever. It went on sale on August 12 for 400 dollars, but is now available for 200 dollars.

The new Go Pro Hero 4 Session is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than other cameras in the series. Although the chassis and housing have been completely redesigned, for this model incorporates the brand standard frame and thus ensures compatibility with the impressive ecosystem of accessories available.

Technical Specifications

Among other interesting details worth noting, is that the waterproof housing (up to 10 m) includes a serial and socket joint that allows you to direct it at any angle, regardless of the chosen anchor system.

From the technical point of view it is capable of recording 1080 p video at 60 frames per second (support for 4 k is reserved for Go Pro Hero 4 Black) and takes 8-megapixel photos. It integrates a 1030 meh battery, enough for a couple of hours of continuous use.

Features of the Go Pro Hero 4 Session

Unlike other models, this camera does not have a Live View screen, but incorporates a small black and white display for easy navigation between modes and settings. Go Pro has greatly improved their sound recording on this model and on other models, thanks to the integration of two high-sensitivity microphones.

Should I buy the Go Pro Hero 4 Session?

With this release, Go Pro wants to dazzle the users looking for a compact, rugged camera that is good for recording any event, not necessarily just sports, but a trip, a weekend at the beach or a concert of your favorite band. The price is high compared to the competition, but it is fair to say that when you buy a Go Pro, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality camera for the price.

It is at a great new camera, similar to Go Pro Hero 4 Silver, with the advantage of size, but the disadvantage of not having a screen. 4 K recording is top end but, to be honest, few computer users can even take advantage of this technology anyways.

Waterproof Without Case

Another major and significant difference of the new Go Pro Hero 4 Session is certainly the possibility of immersing it in water up to 10 meters deep without having to rely on an additional housing as was required in previous versions. The new Go Pro Hero 4 Session has only two buttons to switch on / off and to start and stop recording. In this new version the possibility to change settings from the camera itself is omitted.

Improved Sound Quality

It will also have two microphones, solving one of the major flaws of previous models of these cameras. One on the front and one on the rear, the audio quality is significantly increased in situations such as under water or in wind.

In the words of Go Pro, the new Go Pro Hero 4 Session is within the family of height and quality of the Hero 4 silver. It is therefore a quality model with a sufficient performance for a medium-high use.

Why Use Go Pro?

Go Pro provides quality cameras and they are extremely durable and great for outdoor use, although the new Go pro Hero 4 Session can be used for pretty much anything you want. It is smaller and more compact than previous models, its aim is to be for anyone, who wants to record anything, there are also plenty of mounts and this is nice for those who want to have a high quality camera that is easy to use.